Welcome to The Curious Society.

Because I wanted to be an actor, I began writing YouTube skits. Then I wanted to be on IMDb, so I learnt how to make films. Then I kept creating, going from writing my own songs to making my own calligraphy prints. My curiosity was like my super power—it helped me learn to create.

That’s why I created The Curious Society. I wanted to make a community of explorers, learners and creators who are dying to know more. I wanted a society of people who believe that anything is possible.

When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.
— Walt Disney

I Was Once Asked to Stop Asking Questions.

Curiosity is powerful. Curiosity makes us seek a life of happiness and fulfillment. Curiosity makes us look at the world with wonder and fascination, finding beauty in what people see as ordinary. Curiosity makes us explore and take risks. Curiosity makes us challenge ourselves. Curiosity makes us challenge our society.

Curiosity makes us believe that we can do anything because we can do anything.

Welcome to The Curious Society.


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