DIY Cheap Lighting Kit - Build your own Paper Lantern Light

The worst thing about being a filmmaker or a photographer is the cost for the gear. Seriously, the best equipment costs so much and it’s so hard to figure out what you should spend on and what you should wait for.

director filming subject with good lighting

And one of the most important things that can really make a huge difference in your shot is lighting. If you don’t have good lighting, your shot won’t look great. If you have good lighting though, you’re one step closer to great quality.

So I found a cool DIY lighting kit that you could easily make at home! It was really easy to build (took about 20 minutes) and all that stuff is available from Amazon and other places.

So here’s what you need:

  1. Paper lanterns
    Get white paper lanterns.

  2. A light cable
    Get a long cable. You can also connect the cable to an extension to make it even better, but a longer cable is just easier to work with.

  3. A boom pole
    This could also double as a mic stand (if you have the Rode microphones or any that can be screwed in), which makes vlogging even easier.

  4. Light bulbs*
    Make sure you get daylight light bulbs. They give you a great white light and it just looks better on camera. I don’t like the yellow tinge of the other bulbs.

I have a list of all the stuff I bought on my kit. Click this link to see the exact stuff I bought to make this (please note that these are affiliate links, however they do not affect my review of the products).

Watch the video below on how to assemble all the stuff.

So just a short summary of what I did:

Step 1: Put the boom pole together.
Step 2: Take the light cable out and unwrap it.
Step 3: Attach the bulb to the light cable.
Step 4: Clip in the light cable wire onto the pole. You can also wrap the cable around so that it’s extra secure.
Step 5: Attach the paper lantern to the light.

Hopefully this works out for you and you can put it to good use. Lighting makes a huge difference. Normally, you can get away with daylight, but I live in an area where daylight is not easily accessible (because the weather sucks in Toronto).

Leave your comments below if you have any questions or issues!

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