Don't Think. Do It.

This might need some explaining.

I’ve been involved in many projects, from films to even a media website.

And there’s one thing that is lethal to all projects and businesses: thinking.

Now, not all thinking is bad. Fleshing out your idea is important to make sure your idea is solid and unshakable is important. But there should be a limit on how much you think about an idea.

be confident go get em

There was one time I was working on a website with a few of my friends. We had taken every step possible: bought the domain, reached out to people, made a logo, planned out our first few projects. We were ready to go.

And then we thought about it. A few months later, the project came to a close.

Now, the blame can’t be shifted on anyone. It’s no one’s fault. But what I realized is that when we think too much about an ongoing project, we find reasons why we shouldn’t start now. We find reasons to delay or a potential competitor or a flaw in our plan.

And the more time that passes, the less you will be interested in the project.

So if you have an idea in your mind right now, ask yourself if you can start it now. You will definitely find reasons not to do it, whether it be time, money, experience, resources, etc.

But that shouldn’t stop you. There is never a right time to start anything, and there are ways around not having money. Resources can be found, and experience comes only when you do things.

So find something right now you’ve been dying to do. Something that’s been on your bucket list.

And get it done. And if you need someone to help you plan, feel free to contact me.