Food Creates Community

I love food. Food is so fascinating, beginning from its creation to the dish that’s on your plate. I also love eating, though. 

eating food ramadan

For those of you who aren’t aware, Muslims around the world commemorate a month called ‘Ramadan’, in which we fast for the entire month from sunrise to sunset. That means no food or water from sunrise to sunset. Depending on where you live, that could be an incredibly long time. But not only food and water, we have to abstain from things like lying, swearing, backbiting and other things.

I’ve always loved Ramadan because it’s a challenge and its a test of willpower. A lot of times we immediately dismiss our ability in something, but fasting for 30 days just shows that you really can accomplish anything—but that’s not the point of this post.

This month is very much about food. Everyone gets excited around iftaar time (this is the time when we start eating), counting down the minutes until we can finally gorge ourselves.

Sharing a meal with someone is just such a magical and amazing experience, that it gives food more meaning. And that is something I learned this Ramadhan.

Food is more than food. I’ve realized that food is a bridge. Food is a connection. Food is something that brings people together and unites people. Food is common. 

I made a video on one experience I had during the Islamic month of Ramadan where I discovered that the true meaning of Ramadan is sharing:

Mateen Manek