My Full Thoughts on The Dark Phoenix

X: Men - The Dark Phoenix is a lesson in storytelling. It is a lesson on how not to tell a story.

This film was one of the most disappointing films I’ve seen in a while. I had no expectations going in, I hadn’t seen the trailer and I hadn’t read any spoilers.

I talk about the film in my latest vlog, and I thought this might be a good idea to analyze what makes a good superhero story. You can watch the entire vlog below:

So let’s just get straight into it. What didn’t I like about the Dark Phoenix.

ALSO, DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS LINE IF YOU DO NOT WANT SPOILERS. I’m even including an image so that you don’t accidentally scroll too much.

x men dark phoenix
  1. Jean already had the Dark Phoenix powers in X:Men Apocalypse, so it makes no sense to have her receive them in outer space (even if that may be in the comics).


  3. The cinematography, especially for close-ups was awful. It was hard to focus on one face because they were so out of the shot.

  4. The scripting was awful. This is a major complaint. The characters said things that sounded absolutely ridiculous and unreal. Magneto, who was incredibly angry after Mystique’s death, says “I know who’s blood that was” and it just sounded so strange.

  5. Speaking of #4, when Scott swears out of nowhere, it sounds out of place. I know the writers were trying to show how serious he was, but it just sounded comedic. I burst out laughing.

  6. This is the final film, and Marvel will probably restart the series: kill the characters.

  7. Because they were very cautious with killing, it seemed weird that the Dark Phoenix was all powerful and yet her biggest move was to put people to sleep.

  8. They did comment on this next point, but they didn’t have any explosions or big destructive scenes. So it was a little dull at times.

  9. The story kept getting unnecessarily confusing and complex. Adding a whole subplot of aliens works in the comics, but should have been changed for the movie.

  10. It’s weird that they bring up the whole manipulation thing out of nowhere, since it wasn’t a problem in the last two movies.

  11. Quicksilver gets injured, but they just brush past it. So it’s easy to forget that he got injured and then you begin to wonder where he was the entire time.

  12. So Beast can just change back to human form whenever he wants??

Okay, but now let’s focus on what the film did right. Because, it wasn’t a huge disaster.

  1. The entire train scene was pretty awesome. It was like watching Call of Duty Zombie Match but with awesome mutant powers.

  2. Magneto having a community of mutants was pretty cool.

  3. The entire fight about what to do with Jean in New York was exciting. It showed the conflicting ideologies of both Charles and Magneto. I think this was a great dynamic, even though I would probably have removed it for this story (because it just seemed so out of place).

  4. They actually wrote Nightcrawler really well. He was probably the best character in the entire film. They should’ve just called this film ‘The Nightcrawler’.

  5. The Beast, even though the whole changing into human thing made no sense, was quite a developed character. It was strange at first, considering the romantic angle was only teased in previous films and then was essential to the plot, but it led to great turning point for his character.

  6. They killed Mystique! Personally, not a big fan of her character throughout the entire trilogy. But also, they killed a character. Adds some drama.

Well, that’s all my thoughts. You can totally and completely disagree with me, and I invite you to do so in the comments!

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