Should I Make a Script for my Videos?

This is a question I’m sure that every filmmaker, vlogger and even speaker have asked.

The short answer? Yes, absolutely.

But here’s the thing. Some people script word-for-word what they are going to say, others use point-form notes. I’ve seen some people never write a single word down before they go up to a camera.

So what is best?

Speaking In Public

There’s a difference between reading to the camera and speaking to the camera, and both of them are very evident to the audience. When you’re reading to the camera, you are completely disconnected to the audience.

When I spoke for the first time in front of an audience of 500 people, I was holding onto the podium as if I was going to fall off. I depended on it. I didn’t plan to, but because it was there I felt safer and more comfortable holding onto the podium.

The same thing can be said with scripting. Unless you memorize your lines, you become dependent on the script and refuse to take your eyes off of them. Even if you’ve prepared in advance, having a script can be a hinderance.

My suggestion? Write only what is necessary.

Don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with writing a script. Whenever I write a script in advance, the filming and the editing are much smoother. However, I keep my lines short and sweet. If want to add anything, I do it in the moment. Write the bare bones of your script and keep it minimal.

  1. It makes reading your lines much easier, as you don’t have to sift through paragraphs of writing to remember where you are.

  2. It allows you to improvise on the spot.

So definitely write a script, but don’t write everything. Use your script to help you organize, but not to control your presentation. It also makes it easier to be more creative with your idea (which you can read more about by clicking here).