Should you buy an eReader?

eReaders have been around for a long time, and have slowly become more popular during its existence. I recently got a Kobo for my birthday and I have to say—I love it. I had a Kindle almost 8 years ago and I loved that too. 

But I also have a huge book collection, and, while I don’t think eReaders will ever take the place of traditional books, I think it’s something to consider purchasing.

Watch my video on reasons why you should seriously consider buying an eReader.

In case you can’t wait it, here’s a short summary:

should you buy an ereader
  1. Size

    It’s easy to carry and is incredibly light. I used to be restricted with only books that were light enough for my bag, but now I can bring pretty much any book.

  2. Features

    Three important features are font sizes, dictionary and highlighter. Having the ability to change the font size is huge and really makes reading easier. You don’t really need the dictionary or the highlighter, but it’s a useful tool to have.

  3. Storage

    One of the best reasons to get an eReader is having multiple books on one device. But more importantly, some eReaders can access your public library and can download books from the library. It’s amazing and is probably my favourite thing about my eReader. Totally worth it.

Mateen Manek