Why You Need to Say No More Often

When you think of the word ‘no’, it’s automatically perceived as negative. We see it as a sign of rejection. Like if I say no to a meeting, I’m rejecting the person. That’s bad.

But when you say yes to something, you are saying no to other things in it’s place

If I say yes to a meeting, I could be saying no to time that I could use to create, develop or even to relax. 

saying no to one thing is saying yes to other things

It’s good to say yes to things, but there are times when you absolutely have to say no. Like working on a project that has no clear benefit to you or meeting to talk about another idea they want to 

There have been so many projects that I’ve said yes to for so many reasons. FOMO, didn’t have the heart to say no, as a favour, etc. And because I said yes to them, I said no to myself. No to a writing session or a video session.

Listen: you are valuable. Your time is valuable. Priceless, as a matter of fact. And spending time and effort on things you don’t want to do is really not worth it. Seriously. 

Just remember that. Because it’s easy to forget and you’ll find yourself in a project you really wish you hadn’t said yes to. 

Mateen Manek