Why You Need to Take a Sick Day

Most people get sick days, but so many of us refuse to take them.

I’m a prime example of this.

sick day

When I was ever sick and I had a shift or I was scheduled to work, I would chug a few Tylenols or Advils and head to work. I would refuse to take a sick day. And looking back on that now, I completely regret it.

Maybe you had the same fears as me: you’d be letting your team down, no one could find someone to take your shift or replace you, your employers and your boss think you’re unreliable, etc.

But you really need to take a sick day. Here are some reasons why.

(P.S. Hate reading? Watch the video version where I go into depth on sick days, mental health days and not working while you’re sick)

sick day
  1. You’re getting others sick

  2. You’re not as productive when you’re sick

  3. You’re making your sickness last longer and you’ll get sick more often

  4. You’re stretching yourself thin

  5. You’ll be miserable

  6. You’ll be putting your work before yourself.

Sure, it might seem selfish to take a day to yourself to get better, but is that a bad thing? It’s important to first take care of yourself before you take care of others.

OH, and one more thing. If you’re working while you’re sick (I see you in the back writing emails while sneezing I’ll over your keyboard), you’re still working. Taking a sick day means putting work behind and focusing on yourself. Resting, recuperating. Being better.

So take a sick day.

Mateen Manek