You Need a Plan to Unlock Your Creativity

I want you to think of an improv show. Before they begin a skit, they usually ask or are given a certain scenario. It could be a celebrity, a location, an object — anything.

But imagine if you gave them nothing. You simply asked them to perform.

I can confidently say that 9/10 times, it would be a disaster.

Creativity works the same way. If you’re making a film, writing a novel or creating a new project for your business, you need some kind of foundation to build on.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s take a very generic story and try to make it a little more creative and unique.

“A man falls in love with a girl”

That’s pretty generic, but it gives us something to build on.

  1. Let’s think about creating some conflict. Maybe the girl happens to be dating the man’s brother.

  2. Or we could focus on the character. The man could be someone who can’t ever make his mind up.

  3. Or maybe we could focus on how they met. Maybe the man is a disgruntled barista and wants to quit, but his job is the only way he can get to know the girl better.

The possibilities are endless, but the main point is that we have some kind of starting point. Even if the starting point is super cliché and very basic.

One thing I do that helps is to write down all your ideas in a notepad. You don’t need to write it out in any format — write point form or free-write your idea. The point is to get it out of your head and onto paper.

The good thing about this is that you won’t forget it and you can let it formulate in the back of your mind. I’ve also found myself merging two ideas because they compliment each other.

This might seem like some obvious advise, but I hope it helps you. Always workshop your idea and try to make it better. Think of 12 different alternatives to your idea and see if they are better.